Monday, October 26, 2015

Crowning The Pine, Tale Of The Caracara Bird.

Some things are just meant to be photographed and at times all you have to do is be prepared. I first came upon this caracara bird on a beautiful sunny Saturday morning. It was standing in the middle of my lane but as I got close enough to him to determine what type of bird he was he flew off. 

I asked my traveling companion to turn the car around in hopes that maybe he landed up high in the tree. We turned around and headed back and waited a few minutes but he didn’t return so we continued on our journey. 

We had been gone for several hours before heading back down this same two lane country road and to my amazement in the same location I spotted what I first thought to be an eagle flying pretty low in the sky. I keep my camera in the front seat with me and if I am traveling alone it is my passenger seat companion. I became so excited and asked my companion to pull over but the only place she could pull over was in someone’s driveway. I was like “ we are not going to be here that long.”  This made my companion pretty nervous but she pulled into the driveway anyway, but not without letting me know several times we were parked in someone’s driveway.

I jumped out of the car with camera in hand and spotted the bird high up in a pine tree. It was at this point I noticed it was not an eagle but a caracara bird. I fired off several shots hand holding the camera but wanting to get sharper images I took a chance on grabbing my tripod from its bag Laying on the back seat, then in a hurried frenzy I opened up all the legs and placed my camera onto the tripod and to my amazement the caracara waited. I had done what I needed to do and that was show up and be prepared and nature would do the rest as she always does.
To learn more about the Crested Caracara bird click the link:Crested Caracara